Storm King's Thunder

The Beginning

Whereupon the party ventures to a small town...

… in an effort to set it on fire


Remalia Haventree requested to meet with Allianna Galanodel to discuss a request from Lady Velrosa Nandar, a Waterdhavian noble residing in the small town of Nightstone, to the southeast of Waterdeep.  They'd been have troubles with goblins raiding from the Ardeep Forest.  Simultaneously, Eadund Gane requested from Eradan Oakenheel to meet with the Wood Elves also residing in the Ardeep Forest, to try to resolve a conflict stemming over some sweet wood.  The party was off!

Upon arriving at Nightstone after a days and a halfs journey, they found the town quiet, in the sense that a bell was ringing constantly.  A pair of wargs greeted them at the drawbridge into town.  After Stylyg Starag bravely fought them off with his face and a bunch of fives, and a brief rest to bring him back to the land of the living, the party set off investigating the various buildings within the village.

The village had some remodeling done, as evidenced by a large number of boulders, 3-5 feet in diameter embedded in the ground, in the some buildings, and most likely in that keep that seems to be moderately ruined.  After investigated some homes, a windmill (where two unlucky goblins called your mother's whores), and a stable (which strangely was not set on fire), the group took a brief moment to catch their breath (until next week).

Looking back on it, as annoying as that bell is, it's really done well covering up the sounds of your battles.


jaisonkane jaisonkane

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